About Us

About Us

Software Quality Engineering & Testing (QUEST) Lab focuses on engineering of reliable and dependable software systems. Quality Engineering and Testing of software systems is an active research area and is receiving a lot of attention worldwide. However, catastrophic software failures are still reported frequently. There is an ever-increasing need to develop better quality software by using systematic engineering techniques. For this purpose, the QUEST lab investigates the use of model-driven approaches for developing high quality software.

Almost all professionals in software industry agree on the need to thoroughly test the developed software. However, the actual testing process is severely hindered by lack of automation. Software testing is a time consuming process that requires specific expertise and automation to be cost-effective, which are often not available in industry.

The QUEST lab aims to bridge this gap by developing novel strategies and tools for quality engineering and automated testing that are scalable in industrial context. The real impact of software engineering is visible only when the practices/techniques are transferred to the practitioners/industry. Therefore, the center focuses on performing applied research by solving real industrial problems. For this purpose we work closely with local and international industrial and research partners.

The key research and academic goals of the lab include:

  • To propose and evaluate new methodologies for engineering quality software systems
  • To develop new and innovative testing strategies for cost effective testing.
  • To improve the quality engineering practices of local organizations by providing automated quality engineering tools and techniques.
  • To conduct high quality research in collaboration with international research organizations.
  • To allow students and researchers in Pakistan to work with top international research institutes and researchers in the field of quality engineering.

International Collaborations:

Engineering dependable and reliable systems is challenging and requires cross-disciplinary collaboration involving both the academia and the industry. The Quest lab is actively involved in research collaborations with researchers from renowned research organizations including the Software Verification and Validation Lab at the Inter-disciplinary Center for Security and Trust (SnT), Luxembourg and Simula Research Lab, Norway.