Areas of Expertise

Mission & Safety Critical Systems

We offer expert solutions for quality engineering of mission and safety critical systems

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Business Critical Systems

Our solutions support testing and quality engineering of high-end business critical applications

Latest Projects

Our latest solutions supporting testing and quality engineering of high-end mission critical and business critical applications

Model-driven Productline Engineering of Mobile Applications

We use product-line engineering in collaboration with model-driven engineering to generate feature-based mobile application variants for multiple platforms, and developed a tool named MOPPET.

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Automated OCL Constraint Solver

Object Constraint Language (OCL) is used to write constraints at various levels, e.g., they can represent class and state invariants, guards in state machines, constraints in sequence diagrams, and pre and post conditions of operations.

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Automated Testing of Platform Games

Automated Game Testing in whict the models are developed in UML using a proposed model-based testing profile for platform games.

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Model Transformation Testing Environment(MOTTER)

The model transformation testing environment (motter) is a tool-set that implements searchbased approach to provide automated structural testing of model transformations and metamodel.

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Cyber Physical System



Third part process and product audit services


Specialized consultancies to improve processes and products


Third party independent functional and non-functional testing

Research & Development

Research and Development of Innovative Solutions


Trainings covering entire spectrum of product and process life cycle


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